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Evaporative Air Cooler MAU18-IQ

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Evaporative Air Cooler MAU18-IQ: Axial fan/Movable type/Up and four side diffuser/18000m³/Inverter 50 speed




 Fan style /   material

 Air outlet mode

 Max. airflow(m³/h)

 Max. air pressure(pa)

 Voltage / current  (V/A)

Power / pole (kw/p)

 Control /
wind speed

Movable type with axial fan


9-blade axial fan / nylon

Up & four-side





LCD, inverter / 50

Machine dimension (mm)

Net weight(kg)

Gross weight(kg)

Water tank  (L)

Water consumption(L/h)

Applicable area (m²)

Duct / direct delivery distance

 Air outlet dimension(mm)

Noise / lowest with silencer(db)










  1. Super energy saving, it requires only 1.0KW to cool a 80-100m2 industrial plant
  2. Touch screen, frequency control of 50 speed, remote control, over or lack voltage protection, lack phase protection, water shortage protection 
  3. Copper-wire motor with cast iron cabinet, heavy weight, starting and running smoothly.
  4. Nine-blade nylon axial fan ensures low noise and large airflow. 
  5. Completely new material CO-PP plastic cabinet, anti-aging and never rust, lifetime is long. 
  6. With high quality evaporative filter cooling pad, good effect of evaporating and reducing temperature, easy to clean, edge binding protected and durable
  7. Electrical air nozzle, automatically swing from left to right
  8. Large capacity water tank, suitable for long-time use 
  9. Demountable steel tube stand that can bear heavy weight move conviniently. 
  10. Applicable to engineering environment of single-phase power source, noisy industrial plant  that need direct wind supply

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