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OUBER evaporative cooling pad 5090

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The cooling media of the cooler itself is a primary filter. The honeycomb shape media with alternate lapping flutes are arranged such that the incoming air is made to change its directions it passes the media. In doing so, the air-borne particles will be filtered off in two ways.

OUBER cooling pads model 5090 are made with a natural wood pulp (capillary fiber puffed super absorbent process) and held together with a water resistant mucilage glue.  Our cooling pads are produced with an environmentally protected material, stable configuration, safety and high efficiency, energy saving and they can be operated in a temperature range of - 20 C to + 60 C environment .  OUBER’s cooling pads do not deform, they are antiseptic and insect repellent, do not degrade and have superior absorption qualities.  The expected service life is 5 years.  The pads are designed to achieve an evaporation efficiency of 90%..
The follow test will demonstrate the effectivness of the OUBER cooling pads.  This test can be conducted by the customer in their facility..
This test utilizes the model 5090 cooling pad with dimensions of  750mm×750mm×500mm(width X thickness X height ).
1 Place the model 5090 cooling pad into the water (50mm height) to test the self-absorbing height and the speed of drenching.  It is considered  to be good quality if the water rises quickly and to an elevated height on the cooling pads.
2 Use the electronic balance to weigh the cooling pad alone.  Then soak the cooling pad completely (non dripping) then weigh the saturated cooling pad.  By subtracting the two weights the customer can determine the amount of water absorbed by the cooling pad.
3 Inject the water at a 50 L/hr rate on the distributed part of the cooling pad.  If the water quickly drenchs and diffuses from cross to downward , if the height of drenching and diffusivity over 50mm but not has the phenomenon byfrush water ,it consider to be good quality cooling pads .
The comparing method of strength.
Placed the dry cooling pads 5090 into the refrigerator under -20(do not
freeze it with the wet cooling pads ,because it will bring the expansion phenomenon that easily to destroy the cooling pads if the water get frozen ),after placed 24 hours then put it into boil water with 100℃ ,it’s consider to be good quality if the cooling pads not degradation ,not flush water ,not deformation,not craze ,
High-efficiency OUBER evaporative cooling pad 5090
Axial fan is applicable to the 75mm thickness and air inlet wind speed is 2m/s-4m/s
Centrifugal fan is applicable to the 100mm thickness and air inlet wind speed is 3m/s-5m/s 

OUBER evaporative cooling pad 5090

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